Wagyu Beef-The Most Exquisite Beef In The World

Wagyu beef—the most sought-after beef in today’s marketplace, is a rare commodity imported directly from Japan. But what makes Wagyu beef so special? Why is it so sought-after? And why do so many consumers purchase Wagyu beef?


To many, Wagyu beef is distinguished by its most popular brand called Kobe beef. Kobe beef is known as the hottest meat across the globe. It’s impressive because its high level marbling lends you an amazing depth of flavor. This special marbling gives Wagyu beef its reputation for being the most tasty, most tender and most juicy beef you can find in today’s markets.


Originating in the second century, and once used as a work animal for rice paddies, the Wagyu of Japan is now the highest marbled and most extravagant beef produced in the world. Its marbling is so profound that a bite of it will melt in your mouth with a burst of beefy flavor. Perhaps the most expensive beef of all, Wagyu beef is held to the highest standards. Each piece is evaluated on five different criteria—marbling quality and quantity, color of fat, color of meat, firmness and texture, and yield. If any of these fail to match the highest standard, then the piece doesn’t get the coveted A4 or A5 score.


Considered a gastronomic delight, Miyazaki and Kobe beef is considered healthy for you as well.  While having a higher ratio of mono-saturated fats to saturated fats than other types of beef, Wagyu beef has a healthier fat content. Nearly 40% of fat is in the form of stearic acid, known to have a lesser impact on raising one’s cholesterol levels. Needless to say, marbled Wagyu is much healthier and beneficial for humans than any other kind of beef.

Also higher in fatty acids known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Wagyu beef boasts of the highest volume of CLA per gram of any food. Wagyu beef, in comparison to other beef, contains 30% more CLA because of higher content of linoleic acid. For those who don’t know, food items that are naturally higher in CLA contribute less to negative health problems.

So not only is Wagyu healthy, the tenderness and fine taste of deeply marbled Wagyu beef lends you an excellent eating experience. This is one of the prime reasons why Wagyu is finding its way into the food supply of Gourmet chefs and exquisite restaurants & food outlets across the world.


Miyazakigyu or Miyazaki Beef represents only the top grade (A4 & A5) Wagyu from the Miyazaki area of Kyushu. According to research done in year 2011, 55.7% of Wagyu beef raised in Miyazaki were either graded A4 or A5 (10% more than their national average).

So, whether you’re an exquisite restaurant chef who wants to polish their beef dishes, or a millennial foodie who wants to cross off trying the highest quality beef in the world on their bucket list, you’ll want to give Miyazakigyu a try!