BuzzFeed's "Worth It" Tries Miyazaki Wagyu

The video begins in the morning with Andrew and Steven trying a New York steak and eggs at Uncle John's Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. They meet with Shirley Ng to talk about the restaurant before trying the steak and eggs. The steak is marinated with soy sauce, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and is served with a side of fried rice. The restaurant is best known as a diner that also serves Chinese food.

After breakfast, Andrew and Steven go to Nick & Stef's Steakhouse, also in downtown Los Angeles. There, they meet with Andreas Roller who is the restaurant's executive chef. They try the 28-day, dry-aged, prime, bone-in ribeye which has been seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper. It's grilled to ensure a caramelized brown crust. The steakhouse dry ages their own beef in-house, which tenderizes and concentrates flavors in the meat. They have their steak with a drink—a glass of Blanton's Bourbon. Yum!

Their last stop is the CUT steakhouse in Beverly Hills. They meet with Hilary Henderson, the chef de cuisine. CUT is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant—one of many around the world that bear the same name.

Hilary prepares two steaks for comparison: a 35-day, dry-aged, NY Strip steak, and a wagyu NY Strip steak from the Miyazaki prefecture. The steaks are seasoned with the steakhouse's proprietary salt blend, and are then grilled over white oak and charcoal. The steaks then go through a high temperature flash griller for extra browning, and is finished off with brushed garlic butter and fleur de sel—what a treat! The two start their meal with a pinot noir from George Wine Company Sonoma Coma and end up being blown away by both steaks.

In the end, the MiyazakiGyu steak prepared by Hilary Henderson at CUT comes out at the top! Check out the full video above or on YouTube here.